Susan Kreitzberg, N.D.

Susan Kreitzberg, N.D.

Before being tested for food sensitivities I knew I was sensitive to dairy and I suspected other foods but couldn’t isolate the ones causing my symptoms.

The Bloodprint clearly identified additional foods and confirmed the dairy sensitivity. Since I have been following the diet, chronic eczema on my legs has cleared up, the dry tickly cough is gone, and I am sleeping much better at night. I am hopeful that my energy will continue to get better. The Anti-gliadin Antibody Assay truly made a big difference in my health when it identified gluten as a significant allergen. Without that test, I would still be eating gluten-containing foods and not seeing the improvements in my health.

What truly excites me is the changes I see in my patients. One woman had eczema on her face so bad that her eyes were swollen shut (she looked as if she had been burned). It has cleared up entirely on her face and is now clearing up on her elbows. Her asthma has improved so much, she is talking about decreasing her steroid use. One little boy who had been expelled from three preschools has done a complete turnaround in his behavior within 72 hours of starting his diet. Repeatedly I have children tell me how much better they feel since starting their diets. I don’t have problems with compliance because the rewards of good health and a healthy mental outlook motivate my patients.

Thank you so much for the service you have provided to me and my patients.