Michelle Toth-Vilchis

Michelle Toth-Vilchis

I had the Immuno Laboratories standard (115 foods), anti-gliadin antibody, and Candida albicans tests done a few months ago. My impressions of the test are that it is very comprehensive and invaluable because it checks for so many foods to see what your body reacts to and how severely it reacts. I was suffering from extremely bad stomach pains as well as gas and bloating. I also was dealing with chronic acne, not to mention irritability and severe bouts of depression.

When I received the results of my blood test, I immediately eliminated the reactive foods and quickly noticed that my stomach was flatter and I did not have pain as much as before. I also noticed that my skin was clearing up and that I was calmer and happier.

The most shocking was the fact that my Candida results were off the charts, which was severely affecting my health. I always had such strong sugar cravings that it was equivalent to having a drug addiction. When I received the results, I was finally able to understand why it was so difficult to stay away from sugar. Armed with this knowledge, I made it a priority to stop eating sugar and simple carbohydrates.
I would highly recommend this test to others as it can change your life and health for the better.