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If there was just one food that was causing
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How Immuno Lab Works

Complete Your Symptom Checklist

Go to your physician and fill out the symptom checklist. We also offer this symptom checklist online right here.

Prescribe Test

Your physician can then prescribe what test(s) should be performed

Blood Drawn

Have your blood drawn and send it to our lab

Do you have a food sensitivity or food allergy?

Bloodprint® Food Sensitivity Test and Personalized Support

The BloodPrint® panels will test individuals for common foods that are eaten every day. A common misconception is when we experience a symptom (stomach pain, fatigue, migraine, etc.) we tend to attribute it to something we just consumed or consumed within the past 24 hrs, when in actuality, it takes up to 72 hrs for a symptom to manifest so to pinpoint which food it was within the past 3 days can be incredibly difficult of virtually impossible without being tested. If there was just one food that was causing you discomfort, wouldn’t you want to know what the food is? Get tested TODAY!

Experience Bloodprint® Test

Airborne & Food Allergy Test

Some individuals experience immediate (Type I) allergy symptoms when exposed to pollens, dust, animal dander and foods. Previously, skin testing with its attendant patient’s risks and discomfort, was used to diagnose these IgE mediated allergy reactions (skin prick testing).
When we perform an Airborne & Food Allergy Panel (Immuno’s IgE) test, you can also add other tests.
Recently, more convenient blood tests have been developed to detect IgE specific for many allergens. Diagnosing specific allergies is the first step in a program of patient health recovery, which can include immunotherapy, lifestyle management and permanent elimination of reactive foods.

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What Our Clients Say

Our son, Zachary, began to speak within just a couple of weeks of us eliminating his reactive foods that were identified by the Immuno 1 Bloodprint. Up until that point in his life, he had no receptive language or spoken words."
Dr. Newman, Birmingham
Chief Science Officer

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