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IMAGINE waking up every morning inspired to grow, be excellent, and make an impact. That’s what we do, and we need your help!


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Our work has positively benefitted 25,000+ Doctors and 500,000+ patients worldwide!

Our laboratory tests pinpoint foods causing a toxic, inflammatory impact on your immune system and when you avoid that food, healing begins, and health is restored.


Learn why it’s a special opportunity to be on the Immuno A-team

Our work has positively benefitted 25,000+ Doctors and 500,000+ patients worldwide!

When you join the Immuno A-Team you get to work with a hand-selected, battle-tested team of extraordinary human beings passionately engaged in a mission…

“The right food is your first and best medicine”

We pursue this with a relentless commitment to EXCELLENCE. We are not looking for the average or the norm. We seek THE EXCEPTION.

THE EXCEPTION is those unusually driven, challenge oriented, GROWTH-minded A-players who have the grit and love to hustle. Most don’t. We understand that. Are you THE EXCEPTION?

Does this have you saying, “HECK YEAH!”
If so, we invite you to answer the call. To step up and join us on our heroic journey. We can promise you it will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.


We appreciate your interest in making an IMPACT with us! This is a special opportunity that requires a special process. The process itself is designed to weed out those less than passionate about wanting to join our mission.

We are looking for character, culture fit, and skills (of course). One key to success with the A-Team is having an obsessive commitment to excellence following up and following through to name a few.

If you are simply spamming your resume into the ether with the hope that something sticks, this process will not be for you. Otherwise, we think you will find the process fun, productive, and fitting.

LET’S BEGIN by having you answer the following questions by recording your response with a short video* (Required!)…


What will you need from Immuno Laboratories during your first 30 days of employment to deliver your best, become the top salesperson and ensure that you will be successful in developing your clients and most importantly – your own development?


In your last position, how much time did you spend cultivating customer relationships versus hunting for new clients and why?


What was the outcome? How was it measured? Did you contribute to the plan/strategy? If you did, share your contributions.


Why you? What will you contribute to our A-TEAM? To our company, our clients, their staff, and their patients?
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