Joseph M. Gryskiewicz, MD, FACS

Joseph M. Gryskiewicz, MD, FACS

It’s a miracle. I have experienced a life-changing event that is better than winning the lottery! For years I felt nauseated and bloated all the time. I felt sick when getting up at night and upon arising in the morning. I was lost wondering what happened to the stomach I used to have as a kid. I ate to live, but never enjoyed my food. It felt like work to eat, like a homework assignment. Life became a bad dream. If I ate the “wrong” food it would send me into a GI spiral downward. However, I could never figure out just what the wrong food was. I could never figure out the exact triggers and establish my “no-no” list of foods. Now I understand why.

Immuno labs made sense out of my curse. I now know there can be an antigen-antibody reaction to foods with a possible delay of 1-4 days. I am allergic to over two dozen foods. I would have never have figured that out. My wife just handed me a packet of peanuts. I can eat peanuts, no problem, but as I read the package, I see canola oil and salt as the two added ingredients. I am allergic to canola oil. There you have it. The key to unlocking the secret list of foods I need to avoid.
The fractionations are also invaluable allowing me to eat hard cheeses for example but needing to avoid dairy products in general. So I enjoy hard cheese, but assiduously avoid soft cheese, yogurt, and milk. Immuno Labs drills down to the molecular level to discover my negative food triggers. I carry the list everywhere, and it keeps me feeling “normal” like I used to feel before.

Thanks to Immuno Labs I have won the “Health Lottery.” I have a new lease on life.