Nancy Johnson-Rose, D.O.

Nancy Johnson-Rose, D.O.

I am a family practice physician who has utilized the Immuno Labs’ food allergy testing for several of my patients over the past years. Usually, I chose those patients who presented with unusual “laundry lists” of symptoms, claiming that many other physicians had not been able to help them. Most of them benefited greatly from the recommended elimination diets.

I am in excellent physical condition and have always followed a high protein/low carbohydrate diet, doing yoga several times weekly. Once I turned 58, I started to notice that I was having afternoon fatigue, difficulty sleeping and some mild depression, which I thought were due to work stress. I initially gave up caffeine, sugar, and wheat and noticed some improvement. I then decided to test myself with the Immuno 1 Bloodprint IgG ELISA 115 Food Sensitivity Assay. To my surprise, I tested positive for allergies to several foods which were large parts of my everyday diet, such as cheese, milk, eggs, and yeast. After just one month of following the elimination diet, I not only had more energy and improved moods, but I was sleeping through the night and had fewer cravings, swollen and watery eyes. Now that I have been following the diet for 3 months, the grand total on my symptom checklist has gone from 15 to 1.

Although it does take some effort to change old habits and learn to prepare alternative foods, the rewards are remarkable and very worthwhile. Since I have had this experience myself, I have been food allergy testing more of my patients who do not seem to respond adequately to conventional medical treatments.