Rob Dramov, ND, PC

Rob Dramov, ND, PC

This letter serves as a summary of my experience with lmmuno Laboratories and their lmmuno 1 Bloodprint for food allergies.

This pane was done off serum for evaluation for antibodies present to certain foods. This was my first antibody profile performed off of serum.
The results were interesting as there were foods present (positive) that I had no idea may be causing some of my health issues. Foods like almonds, tomatoes, and pepper; were foods that I thought were fine for me and did not contribute to the GI issues that are present sometimes. There were also foods on the list that I knew was a problem such as mushrooms and cow’s milk. Beginning the elimination diet/substitution was relatively easy due to the information that was included in the packet I received. There were recipes and helpful reminders and information that made the transition relatively painless. In a few short weeks, I noted improvement in my GI symptoms and an overall feeling of better health and stamina.
Being curious the next step was to challenge some of the foods that I felt were not a problem and did not need to be removed in the first place. Tomatoes were the first to be added back in; only to be met with the same GI symptoms that had lessened over the previous weeks. In this instance, a food that I felt had no problems what so ever, was a major contributor to my health concerns.

In conclusion, this panel has been extremely helpful for me in determining the underlying food allergies contributing to my health.