Frank Aversmo, N.D.

Frank Aversmo, N.D.

As a food and healing specialist, I am delighted that Immuno Labs offers a food allergy panel that is 90% reproducible and 98% specific. Since I started using Immuno labs two years ago, I’ve noticed that a number of my patients have experienced mitigation of their presenting symptoms. Hay fever and seasonal allergy symptoms especially have been favorably impacted. Having cursed my own allergies and asthma by eliminating milk and milk products, I understand the deep healing that can happen when we identify and address the causes of inflammation in our bodies.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to run an Immuno 1 Blood print on myself. I already knew that when I ate dairy products I developed excessive mucus, had more frequent colds and cases of flu, and had more severe and frequent asthma attacks. I have been dairy-free for eight years. I had designed a new way of eating and had enjoyed very much the benefits of allergy-free living. I began thinking if I have identified dairy as a problem and had great results eliminating it perhaps there might be other foods causing me symptoms. Sure enough, cow’s milk returned positive. But there were 11 other foods that proved to be pro-inflammatory.

I eliminated those 11 foods and put myself on a gut-healing protocol designed to close up the gaps between enterocytes of the small intestine. During my 30-day cleanse, something remarkable happened. I noticed that the rash I had on the back of my calves completely disappeared. What’s more, I didn’t even realize it was there until it was gone! I have also experienced a renewed sense of energy and tolerance of dairy since my cleanse. It seems I can now rotate dairy in small amounts every 2-3 weeks without noticeable ill effects. So it seems by eliminating other pro-inflammatory foods, I have improved my gut health and thereby have reduced symptoms. Thanks, Immuno Labs! Keep up the good work!