Antoinette Del Valle, D.O.

Antoinette Del Valle, D.O.

I have suffered from allergic colitis for over a year. I tried to identify which foods were causing the trouble but I was unsuccessful.

I finally decided to do the testing through Immuno Labs. My results were positive for 28 different foods. I didn’t think I would have so many. I immediately eliminated all of them and had a wonderful outcome. I no longer had abdominal pain, colitis, or bloating. I felt like a healthy person again.

As a pediatrician, I recommend these tests for some of my patients. I have an eighteen-month patient who suffered from chronic rhinorrhea, colitis, and temper tantrums. His test revealed 32 foods that he was sensitive to. His mother eliminated all of them and he is a whole new man. His rhinorrhea and colitis stopped and he is happy again. His mother tried to reintroduce corn after a month and he was “evil for the day.” It will be a while before she introduces corn again.

I have another patient who is 20 months old and has autism. Every office visit he spent the entire time opening and closing the door, throwing things, and grunting. His results showed 31 foods. After three weeks of elimination, I did a follow-up visit. He played with toys in the room and answered my questions appropriately. In 10 months of knowing him, I had never heard him speak.

I am happy that I have a tool to offer my patients to help in their treatment plans.