Angela Sinnett, LAc.

Angela Sinnett, LAc.

I have been a fan of Immuno Labs since 2008 when I was pregnant with my first child and was experiencing discomfort after eating. It was hard for me to determine which foods exactly were causing my body such distress. When I heard about Immuno Labs’ food allergy testing, I eagerly went to get tested. I was shocked when the results read that all of my favorite foods were the ones causing my body discomfort. However, it made sense because those were the foods I was consuming the most. I thought eliminating the foods out of my diet was going to be extremely difficult, but to my surprise, I was given a list of dietary recommendations from Immuno Labs. I appreciated that they provided me with alternative food recommendations that were similar to the foods I love.

After a month of eliminating the foods and practicing my new diet, I found complete relief. My digestion had finally become regular again, I was able to sleep better at night, and my overall mood greatly improved. After giving birth to my daughter, I started to reincorporate the previously eliminated foods into my diet. Unfortunately, while breastfeeding, my daughter became ill with colic, and had an extensive rash that covered her upper body. I quickly went back to my Immuno Labs report and re-eliminated the foods I was allergic to when pregnant with her. Within 24 hours, my daughter’s rash was gone, and so was the colic. If I hadn’t done the Immuno Lab report and learned which foods to eliminate, I would have had to stop breastfeeding and resort to a formula diet for my daughter. I felt very fortunate to have done the test and to have been able to continue breastfeeding, which gave my child and me an incredible bond.

In 2010 when I was blessed with the gift of pregnancy again, I decided to have another food allergy test done by Immuno Labs. I didn’t think my results would have changed much in two years, but I was wrong. During this pregnancy, I was experiencing terrible migraines, and I was breaking out with eczema on my face. Within two weeks of eliminating the foods, I was feeling much better. My skin cleared up and I wasn’t struggling with migraines. It was amazing how much food can affect your body’s well-being. What was even more amazing was finding out that I was allergic to healthy foods such as eggs, cranberries, tomatoes, etc. I was pleased that, once again, they included a new dietary plan for me, with great recommendations for each meal of the day.

I have since recommended food allergy testing by Immuno Labs to all my friends, patients, coworkers, and family. As an acupuncturist, I am a firm believer in natural healing and stress the importance of eating the right foods for your body to each of my patients. I recommend that they take the food allergy test and send them home with informational packets on Immuno Labs and Doug Rafferty’s contact information. Doug has been a tremendous resource and ongoing support throughout my process, as well as many of my patients. We have all found great results and are leading healthier, happier lives. Thank you, Immuno Labs!