IgE Panels

IgE Total IgE Screen

Elevated levels of IgE have been tied to an immediate allergic response. Clients usually add this panel to Bloodprint® and Specific Trigger Panel orders.

IgE Total IgE Screen

Get safely tested today and find out if you have an allergy.

Easily add a Total IgE test to any venipuncture blood serum test we offer and find out if you have elevated IgE, which may indicate a need for specific IgE testing.

Fastest Certified Lab Results In The Industry

Once our lab receives your specimen, results will be completed in 48-72 hours. Results are available on our online portal for physicians and emailed as an easy-to-read PDF.

Total IgE Compared To Traditional Allergy Tests

Total IgE Blood Serum Test by Immuno Labs

Our Total IgE Screen requires a simple venipuncture sample of blood serum using a serum separator tube (SST). We efficiently utilize 3mL of serum to conduct our Total IgE analysis and conclude if IgE levels are elevated by measuring the total amount of circulating IgE. The IgE antibodies can appear as a result of sensitization to allergens. In many patients suffering from asthma, rhinitis, or atopic dermatitis due to allergy, the concentration of total IgE may be elevated. The laboratory equipment
we utilize has more than 50 years of experience in allergen production and specific IgE product development. Their products are documented in more than 6,000 publications and referenced in multiple health guidelines. These may be some of the reasons why the laboratory equipment and technology used is acknowledged asthe gold standard technology for IgE blood testing.

  • One simple blood draw without exposing the individual to the potentially
    harmful, reactive allergens to determine if they even have any IgE allergic
  • An economical investment to determine whether or not further testing is necessary.
  • Peace of mind knowing whether or not seasonal pollens, common food, or other allergens may even be triggering an inflammatory response.
  • Our Total IgE Screen can be setup as a Reflex Test, which means that if the Total IgE results show elevated IgE then we can use the already provided sample to run additional specific IgE panels. No additional blood draw and fast results for the additional panel(s).

Traditional Allergy Test
(Skin Prick, Puncture Test, or Scratch Test)

Traditional allergy tests will use a skin prick test, also called a puncture or scratch test, that will check for immediate allergic reactions to one or many different
allergens at once by using a lancet to penetrate the skin’s surface. It can be uncomfortable and if a severe reaction occurs may require additional medical inventions to control the reaction. The reactivity level is arbitrarily determined using a handheld gauge to measure how much of a “welt” your skin produced to determine how allergic you are to the item or if you are even allergic.

  • Takes a long time to determine reactivity to multiple foods
  • May trigger a severe allergic reaction if reactivity is unknown
  • Usually not performed to determine dietary food allergies
  • High rate of false positives due to the nature of puncturing the skin and arbitrarily measuring the reaction

Laboratory Testing Process

IgE testing must be accurate and precise. Immuno Labs performs IgE panels on the best laboratory equipment available. We conduct our testing using fluorescent enzyme immunoassay (FEIA) that measures the concentration of circulating allergen-specific IgE antibodies in serum. This helps to identify specific allergic reactions and, when coupled with a history of exposure and allergic symptom development, may help identify allergic triggers. The testing process begins with the specific antigen being bound to a three-dimensional hydrophilic cellulose polymer, which can bind significantly more allergen than older disk methods. This substrate allows for increased antigen binding and improved sensitivity. Patient serum is mixed with the antigen-bound substrate, permitting antigen-specific patient IgE to complex. Next, the complexed substrate is mixed with an enzyme–IgE conjugate forming a secondary immune complex. Subsequently, a fluorogenic material is applied to the secondary immune complex, which results in the formation of a fluorescent secondary immune complex. Using a fluorometer, the fluorescence is read, and the quantification correlates with the quantity of patient IgE. Immuno Labs IgE testing demonstrates a very high specificity, high efficiency, and high sensitivity. The testing instrumentation we use has over 4,000 scientific articles, which shows its clinical value and why it is championed as “The Gold Standard” for in vitro IgE testing.

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Immuno Labs offers the power of awareness, of knowing. An empowerment that enables you to change the way you feel, the way you think, how you see yourself and the world around you.

Lab results need to give more than insights. Our IgE panels provide allergen-specific recommendations to help you effortlessly take action and live allergy-free.


Results You Can Trust.

Since 1978, Immuno Labs has focused on advancing laboratory testing to develop the world’s most reliable, reproducible, and clinically relevant test results. We partner with a network of physicians spanning across 80 countries, analyzing over 50 million tests. Through the years, we have focused on ensuring the highest quality controls to best serve our clients in their search for answers. Immuno Labs is a fully licensed and certified clinical laboratory by CLIA with CAP proficiencies. We are authorized to perform testing in 49 states in America (except New York). Our entire lab team is comprised of top professionals who are state-licensed to perform their laboratory analysis.

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Immuno Labs works from its state-of-the-art independent laboratory facility to provide accurate test results. Most of our tests have over 50 quality controls to ensure reliable and reproducible results.

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Our founders have 43-years of industry experience since 1978 as early innovators of personalized medicine. We have conducted over 51 million food sensitivity tests.

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Knowledge is only potential power. We ensure that our test results are easy to read, giving our clients clear insight into their next steps to take action.



We are here with you and for you. Immuno Labs provides ongoing guidance for clients through the BetterHealthUSA community, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, 90-day nutritional coaching, online community, and education. Everyone in our team is accessible and ready to help answer questions and serve you.

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We offer venipuncture or fingerprick collection kits depending on the testing your physician recommends.

3. Become empowered

Once your results are completed, your physician will provide a plan of action leading you to better health.

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