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Immuno Labs offers food and environmental sensitivity testing for patients with chronic health conditions to identify undiagnosed, underlying causes due to allergies and sensitivities.

Bloodprint® Panel Kits: ImmunoCAP™ Specific IgE testing is a simple blood test that aids in the diagnosis of allergies related to different food antigens. Anyone presenting with allergy-like symptoms is a candidate for the specific IgE blood testing. The ImmunoCAP Specific IgE Allergen Component tests measure specific IgE antibodies to individual molecular allergens in serum or plasma.

Simplify allergy management in primary care with the most widely used specific IgE blood test. Supported by more than 4,000 peer-reviewed publications, FDA-cleared quantitative measures of specific IgE,  comparable to skin prick testing, and no risk of anaphylaxis.

IgE Panels: IgE allergy testing is one of the most accurate ways to test for an allergy response. Immuno IgE panel tests are focused on indoor allergies like food, mold, dust, animals, etc. As well as outdoor allergies like grasses, herbs, trees, weeds, etc.

Immediate allergies rank as the 6th leading chronic disease in the US, affecting 50 million Americans each year. 1 in 5 Americans are diagnosed with environmental allergies and more than 50% of Americans say allergies impact their daily quality of life.

The IgE panels use 1 simple blood draw to evaluate your body’s allergic reactions, no scratch test with an allergen, and no concern about severe reactions to determine your allergies.

Specific Trigger Panels: tests for specific allergies like Gluten, Candida, Eggs, Milk, and Celiac disease (tTG).

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Once Immuno receives your specimen, lab results will be completed within 48-72 hours.

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