Vincent C. Bellonzi, D.C., C.C.N., C.S.C.S

Vincent C. Bellonzi, D.C., C.C.N., C.S.C.S

I decided to obtain the Immuno 1 Bloodprint so that I would give a copy of the results to show to my patients. I figured if I had enough confidence to submit myself, then I would have a tool to show others the capabilities of this test. I believed that I might receive a negative test without toxicities and would have to test someone else to show abnormalities. I was healthy after all (or so I thought) and was training to run a marathon. Besides being a chiropractor and a nutritionist I am a personal trainer and I try to practice what I preach.

I received my results and was surprised to see 12 IgG sensitivity reactions. Unfortunately, some of my favorite “healthy foods” were on the list. I began a rotation/elimination diet and within a few days noticed that my training runs were easier. I had better energy, my breathing was clear and there was not the digestive discomfort I had felt before. None of these had been serious, just expected discomforts.

I ran the marathon while on my diet and finished well ahead of the time I was trying for. I was only 5 minutes from qualifying for Boston which is my ultimate goal and this was only my first marathon. I can honestly say that I was very comfortable while running the race and the dietary changes deserve the credit.

I made the same mistake that many of my patients do. I assumed that my symptoms were just my “normal” state of health. Signs and symptoms mean that something needs attention. Get this test and correct the underlying problem.