Robert Friedman, M.D.

Robert Friedman, M.D.

After having followed the recommendations given by Immuno Labs and their Immuno 1 Bloodprint, I was pleased to discover that everything that they had claimed would happen did. In particular, my digestion and energy levels improved. I also discovered that Immuno Labs was an originator of many assays for food allergy testing. Accuracy has always been the challenge with food allergy testing. However, in my case, the accuracy of testing proved itself, coming up with different recommendations and clinical results then I have gotten through other labs. Simply by removing the “correct” offending agents, the burden is taken off of the digestive and immune systems.

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “If you do not rest upon the good foundation at nature, you will labor with little honor and less profit.”

How true when applied to accurate food allergy testing. What great advice for all physicians. I would highly recommend that all physicians and their patients contact Immuno Labs to get their Immuno 1 Bloodprint.