Robert Feingold, M.D.

Robert Feingold, M.D.

I personally had the Immuno 1 Bloodprint standard 1gG, food sensitivity assay testing on May 27, 2003. The results demonstrated, to my not inconsiderable surprise, a total of 33 sensitivity reactions of which, 8 were rated +2 or higher. Many of the food items listed were an integral part of my diet for many years.

I proceeded to follow the food eliminations diet as best as I could over the next 1 1/2 months with particular attention to the 8 above-mentioned items including cane sugar, brewers yeast, buckwheat, lettuce, broccoli.

I must admit that it was not always easy to avoid certain food items e.g. wheat, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, but I did the best I could.

I can honestly report, to my surprise and delight, the various bothersome symptoms that have chronically plagued me have shown marked improvement. Specifically, GI symptoms that include abdominal pains, excessive gas, bloating, diarrhea, and heartburn have all improved dramatically.

In addition, my energy levels appeared to improve with a reduction in lethargy and fatigue and as an added bonus, I lost approximately 5 lbs and now weigh 164.

Shortly I plan to re-introduce some of the banned items to observe the effects this has on my overall state of well-being. I’m anxious to see if certain foods that I’ve grown to love like tomatoes, wheat, eggs, tuna, etc can be re-incorporated into my diet.

If my experience is any indication of what others might expect from this testing, I will definitely recommend this test to all my patients who show any interest and particularly to those who I feel might benefit the most.