Paul W. Bizjak, D.C.

Paul W. Bizjak, D.C.

I wanted to write and express my appreciation for your services. I had wanted to have a “food allergy” test done for years but had not gotten around to it. I have always worked out and eaten well but noticed fluctuations in my energy levels throughout the day. I suspected a reaction to certain foods. Your test helped me a lot. Not only did it tell me exactly what foods to be aware of, but it showed me foods that I was not sensitive to that I feared were a problem for me.

It has been approximately two months since I have made the required elimination of the foods. I immediately noticed a reduction in the fluctuation of my energy levels after meals.
I have eaten well and exercised my whole life and have felt good. It is helpful to have the information that your test provides so that I can feel even better.

I will utilize this test as needed for patients in my practice. The information will allow them to lead healthier lives without doing the hard work to figure out which foods are the problem.

Thanks for being so thorough. I appreciate the high standards by which you operate.