Lynn A. Chadd, MSN, ARNP

Lynn A. Chadd, MSN, ARNP

This letter is a testimonial to support the use of food allergy testing and diet modification. I am a 43-year-old Nurse Practitioner, specializing in Women’s Health. I have had a history of difficulty with weight gain, irritable bowel symptoms, reflux, and fatigue. Last March, my physician and I decided to obtain a food allergy test to determine if food allergies could be having an effect on these problems. I had Immuno 1 Bloodprint IgG Food Sensitivity Assay for the standard 115 foods provided by Immuno Laboratories.

My results returned showing significant allergies to wheat, dairy, and eggs. I eliminated these foods from my diet for some time and now I rotate eating these foods as suggested by the 4-day rotation food plan provided by Immuno Laboratories specific to my food allergy needs. My results have been remarkable. I have lost 30lb, my irritable bowel symptoms and reflux symptoms have resolved completely, and my fatigue improved as well.

I have done extensive research on food sensitivity and realize that food sensitivities can cause toxic reactions to everyday foods leading to slow metabolism, increased appetite, craving, and binging. I have begun to use food allergy testing through Immuno Laboratories for some of my patients, with excellent results as well.

I cannot say enough for how this has changed my life and improved my health. I would highly recommend Immuno 1 Bloodprint food Sensitivity Testing for anyone with difficult weight issues, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel symptoms, or allergy symptoms.