Got IBS?

The thing about IBS is that it ruins everything. From parties and office meetings to special moments with your partner. There is no part of your life that IBS doesn’t touch.

Most people who have it have tried the gamut of prescription IBS medication, fad diets, TikTok recipes, and even bought cure-all products from sketchy Instagram ads. The simple fact is that IBS can pop up anywhere, anytime, just to ruin your day.

While there is no such thing as a “cure-all” for your irritable bowels, there is a simple solution out there that can help you manage the unmanageable.

And it’s flowing right through your veins.

Here is why you need (yes, need) to take a medically-backed food sensitivity test.

Picture this…

It’s Thanksgiving and your new partner invited you over to celebrate at their parents’ house. The spread is Insta-worthy and mouth-watering, but all you see on that table is a ticking time bomb. You take the plate that is so graciously offered and say a little prayer before digging in.

By the time that dessert is on the table, you’re hiding in the bathroom while your future in-laws wonder if you are okay.

Was it the buttery green beans this time?
Maybe it was the rich mashed potatoes…
Or that mocktail that you drank…

What if you had a way to identify what those food triggers were, and knew how they would affect you? Dessert could be had with you at the table, and you wouldn’t have to listen from the bathroom as your new partner explains your IBS.

Hear us out.

“But I already took that test!”

Yes, we know that you did, but–

“…I heard that those don’t work…”

We’re getting to that part–

“I’m tired of spending money on my IBS…”

We know that you’re sick of the runaround, sick of trying to manage symptoms that refuse to be controlled, and your wallet is feeling the weight of it all. We’re not trying to sell you another product that won’t work, we’re simply trying to make your life a little easier by identifying specific food triggers that could be exacerbating your current situation.

According to Mayo Clinic, while true food allergies rarely cause IBS, “Many people have worse IBS symptoms when they eat or drink certain foods or beverages, including wheat, dairy products, citrus fruits, beans, cabbage, milk, and carbonated drinks.”

What we can do for you.

Our Bloodprint food sensitivity tests come in many shapes and sizes and can test over 200 antigens. Whether you’re a vegetarian or Kosher, we’ve got something that will fit your needs and give you results based on your preferences. 

This test dives so deep that it can literally tell if it’s the egg white or the yolk that’s triggering your excruciating stomach cramps two hours after breakfast.

We conducted a study hat was published in the Open Journal of Internal Medicine where we put our Immuno Labs Bloodprint® panel to the test, specifically looking at how identified triggers affected people with IBS. Here is what we found:

“The results of our study suggest that utilizing an elimination diet of IgG-reactive foods, detected with the Immuno Labs Bloodprint® test, in participants with unresolved self-reported GI disorders improves QoL (Quality of Life) measures.

“Thus, this trial demonstrated that IgG-mediated testing combined with a subsequent elimination diet may offer the opportunity for such patients to improve their dietary behaviors and symptoms by utilizing a tailored, individually-specific program.”

Not your average food sensitivity test.

We take food sensitivity tests a step further than what’s on the market right now. While a lot of at-home tests take a saliva swab or hair clipping and list out the foods that you may be sensitive to. They don’t give you the resources that you need to conduct a healthy elimination diet, nor are they something that you can confidently share with your doctor.

The big difference between us and them is that we are medically backed, literally. Our network of physicians across the world can suggest the right test for you, or you can ask your doctor for one. We give you everything you need, all you have to do is show up and work with your physician.

The best part? We are the only lab with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Kick it to the curb.

The sheer amount of doctor’s visits alone is enough to drive anyone with IBS mad. Especially considering the number of second opinions, medication suggestions, and referrals that patients have to go through.

While our tests don’t solve all of these problems, it’s something that you can share with your GP and kickstart the management process.

It’s time to kick your IBS to the curb; ask your doctor about our Bloodprint food sensitivity panel today.

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