Barbara Dupaul, FNP-BC

Barbara Dupaul, FNP-BC

I was tested for food allergies in June of this year. Upon receiving my results, I immediately eliminated the foods I was allergic to and started rotating the foods I was able to eat. To help keep track of everything I was eating in a day, I bought a small pocket-sized calendar with a “month at a glance” format. Most days I selected 4 to 5 foods that I was planning to eat and wrote them in on that day, so I would remember my options for the day and so I could look at several days at once. When I had special events coming up, I would write the foods I was planning to eat on that upcoming day in my calendar, so that I could avoid those foods 4 days prior when doing my food planning.

At first, it seemed like a lot of work, but after I got the hang of it, it was simple and so worth it. I noticed that I was less fatigued after just a few days. Gradually over the next several weeks, I felt a little bit better every week. The greatest improvement was noted after a full 90 days of avoidance and rotation. I am sleeping better, have no joint pain, have a clear mind, have more energy, and have no abdominal bloating.

I am a volunteer with a local search and rescue group and was called out on a multiple-day mission without warning. I had no time to prep my food, so I had to eat what the sheriff’s office provided. I had noticeable fatigue and loose stools after eating the food. Within 24 hours of returning home to my food, I felt better and my symptoms resolved. Thanks to Immuno Laboratories I have learned to eat in a healthier manner specific for my body. I eat mostly fresh, unprocessed foods and plan to continue because I feel better than I have in years. I have added a few food items that I reacted to back into my diet and can tell which foods are safe for me to eat and which I should continue to avoid. Without a doubt, this is the best thing I have done for myself.

I encourage everyone to get tested to see what their body reacts to. You may be eating “healthy” food, but it might not be the right food for your body. I believe many chronic health conditions can be avoided or cured by eating the right foods for your body.