Acne vs Food

It's not what you think

Acne myths have been around as long as humans have been subjected to the condition. If you’ve suffered from acne, then you’ve likely believed some of these myths and utilized similarly questionable remedies in an attempt to fix what mother nature gave you.

We’ve all been there. Heard the classic “You’ll grow out of it…” or the “You must not be washing your face…” lines from well-meaning family members, or the “You can’t eat french fries, butter, or chocolate…” from well-meaning friends.

Food plays an important role in acne flares, just not in the way you think.

A quick history chat

Humans believed a lot of very weird things before the advent of the microscope. With no way to explain common maladies, they assumed that the Gods must be angry or that bad smells caused Uncle John’s ailments.

Acne is no exception to this as it has always been a very common dermatological problem. In fact, there are records of it dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Causes of acne (back then) include: 

  • Internal problems that are causing imbalances in the ‘four humors’
  • Melancholy blood
  • The onset of puberty 
  • Upper body obesity

What did treatment look like back then?

While some ancient acne treatments will make your stomach turn (we’re looking at you, sour milk and animal fat), other treatments weren’t so bad. The Egyptians used honey topically, the Romans liked their sulfur baths, and let’s not forget the famous ‘wipe your face with a cloth while looking at a falling star’ remedy.

When all else failed, there was always the cute little velvet patch that could be cut into adorable shapes and stuck over unsightly irritations. 

From lasers to laxatives, from X-Rays to Accutane, people who suffer from acne have been put through the wringer looking for ways to remedy it. What if the answer really isn’t as complicated as our ancestors thought it was? 

What if all you need to do, is look at your plate?

About food sensitivities

We want to start off by saying that very little evidence has been found supporting the negative impact that certain foods have on acne. 

However, there is evidence that suggests that in certain individuals, food actually plays the starring role in their acne flairs. Common foods that cause acne include dairy products and gluten. While we’re not saying to completely eliminate these foods from your diet, getting a food sensitivity test may be in your best interest.

Especially if it means that you won’t have to go through another round of Accutane treatments, and can finally save money on those astringents and topical serums.

Are you curious?

Getting a food sensitivity test doesn’t mean that you have to go through the hundred pricks of different food allergens. ImmunoLabs makes it easy. Our simple Food Sensitivity Bloodprint Panel is a stick to the finger and you’re done! 

You get your lab results in as little as two to three days and personalized nutritional coaching for 90 days. Ask your doctor about getting a food sensitivity test and finally get the answers you need.

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