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Immuno Laboratories in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is widely recognized as one of the leading food and environmental allergy testing facilities in the world. Since its inception, the company has conducted over 48 million food sensitivity tests with 97% of its physicians testing for ten years or more — a clear indication of physician and patient satisfaction.

The Immuno Bloodprint® has been helping people "Eat Well, Feel Well and Live Well" for years and offers a strong satisfaction guarantee. This simple, affordable blood test can help identify food intolerances or hidden food allergies that may be the cause of chronic conditions such as arthritis, attention deficit (and hyperactivity) disorders, autism, chronic fatigue, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, otitis media and more.

Identify and Eliminate Food
and Environmental Intolerances

The Immuno Bloodprint®, based on a highly respected technique called the IgG Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay (ELISA), can identify over 154 'trigger' foods causing intolerance. Since white blood cells only remember the foods that were a problem for approximately two months, in most cases, the reactive foods can be gradually re-introduced into the diet.

Additional testing can also be done for Candida Albicans (an overgrowth of a natural yeast that occurs in the body); gliadin sensitivities (the protein component of gluten); and Helicobacter Pylori (the causative agent for most cases of gastritis, duodenitis and ulcers). IgE testing for harmful environmental substances such as molds, dust, weeds, pet dander, etc., can also be performed.

Within 48-72 hours, comprehensive test results are provided in a complete package that includes a report detailing the detected hidden food allergies along with a personal wallet-size reference card; a wide list of foods that can be enjoyed; recommended meal plans; helpful shopping hints; and recipes. Patient support is also available at no additional cost to ensure compliance.


Jeffrey Zavik


I've enjoyed the adventure and challenges of building this leading edge medical laboratory starting on the kitchen table of my parent's condominium! Since 1978, we were early innovators with what is now called "personalized medicine" and an award-winning patient support system. Now, we're raising global awareness that "The right food is your first and best medicine".

Cher Zavik


As CEO/President of Immuno Laboratories, I have had extensive experience counseling people on the specialized award winning programs Immuno Laboratories offers.

We help healthcare practitioners and their patients seek relief from chronic conditions through a complementary approach to diagnosing and treating disease.

Boone Zavik

Chief Operating Officer

I always love to ask, "If there was just one food causing you to experience symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, weight gain or just preventing you from feeling your best would you want to know what it is?"

Just as each person has a unique fingerprint each person has a unique Bloodprint® . The Immuno Bloodprint® is a personalized approach to understanding the right foods for you body.

Becky MacDougall


Board Certifications: Anatomic & Forensic Pathology


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Our 5 Star Reviews

Heather Snedeker Bladel

“Thanks to Immuno Lab, we found out that our daughter has 26 food allergies that were causing her symptoms. Since eliminating these foods, she no longer has symptoms of celiac and psoriatic arthritis.”

David J. Tooley

“When my neurologist said, "I may need to refer you to a specialist for your chronic migraines & cluster headaches.", I knew I needed to try something else. I took the Bloodprint 154 and discovered I was "poisoning" myself with what I was eating & drinking. After 6 months off all of my 1-3 sensitivities I saw a dramatic drop in migraines, let alone muscle tension, fatigue & cramps. Now, when I do have a migraine, I can usually point to what it was that caused it. THANKS, Imunno Labs!”

Brenda Leguisamo

“I'm truly grateful for Immuno services because reduced my severe body skin rash (auto immune disease called eczema) when got my blood tested with Immuno Bloodprint® to better understand which foods I'm allergic to. Also, the Immuno team is very professional and kind. Thank you, Immuno team! P.S.: Discovered Immuno when friend on Facebook shared event about the Immuno Bloodprint!”

About Immuno Giving Back

Immuno Laboratories has a strong passion in giving to others. We have donated over $750,000 to various charities, organizations, colleges, and foundations. Here are some of the groups that we have supported.

Why Do You Give Back?

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - Winton Churchill