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Immuno Laboratories has been recognized as one of the most reproducible diagnostic testing facility by colleges, physicians, and independent studies. Additionally our delayed food reactivity test (Bloodprint®) comes with a nutritional program and 100% money back guarantee. We want to truly alleviate your symptoms; not manage them.

We are passionate about our vision of a world, allergy-free and we can only do it through reliable, reproducible testing. We won two awards from the Case-in-Point Platinum Awards held by Dorland Health! (We will have more info about our awards and reproducibility soon...)

We have two main tests: our Bloodprint® (delayed reactivity) and our Airborne & Food Allergy Panel (immediate reactivity).

Please choose which one describes your issues the best:

Bloodprint® Test:

  • suffer from chronic conditions like:
    fatigue, eczema, runny nose, headaches, etc...
  • very common in adults and children
  • symptoms do not occur within minutes of eating

Airborne & Food Allergy Test:

  • allergic reactions during the different seasons
  • common in children
  • immediate allergic to certain foods or seasonal allergies reactions